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The Value of carrier sales and VLCM

Carrier Sales provides businesses with access to quality, professional, and outstanding telecom services. Their simplified approach to business telecom services allows you to fully realize your business’s communication potential, while leaving the technical specifications, functionality, and worry to us. Together with VLCM, they are committed to serving all of your telecommunication, colocation, and cloud needs.

Carrier Sales offer a wide selection of providers to choose from, so together, we can find what combination works best for you and your business. We can show you what your telecommunication options are and which ones serve your best interests. Since we aren’t tied to any one carrier, we can truthfully provide you with any advantages and drawbacks that each provider may possess.

  • Un-biased broker of business telecom services
  • Represent over 250+ providers and we know their strengths and weaknesses
  • Over 300 years of combined telecom experience
  • THE best contracts with the providers which gives customers protection and the best rates
  • Since we do so much business with the providers we can resolve issues when they arise much faster vs. going directly to the provider
  • We spend hundreds of hours working with these providers to understand how each one is different and which solutions make the most sense for customers
  • We are a free resource to customers
  • We sit down with customers to understand their pain points and map out what they are trying to accomplish
  • We take the complexity out of telecom and save companies a lot of time by allowing us to source the hundreds of providers that are out there

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Why Choose a Broker vs. Going Directly to Providers?

  • Providers are taught to sell you on their product, even if another provider is a better fit for you.
  • Sales reps will do anything to close a deal and hit provider sales quotas. This can leave you feeling like a number instead of a valued customer.
  • Providers have high turnover rates due to sales quotas. Brokers don’t place quotas on their representatives so they stay around and build relationships with each company.
  • Brokers treat all of their customers alike, especially in response to service issues. Providers may focus solely on larger customers when issues arise and leave other customers in the dust.
  • Your organization is not confined to one provider. Brokers can maintain relationships and manage resources from multiple providers which frees up your time and resources.

Carrier Sales is the best advocate a customer can have on their side when it comes to looking at new telecom solutions for their business. Our DNA is telecom and we are in business because we believe in long lasting relationships and making telecom simplified. 


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